The Gratitude Experience

The Adult Years™


The Adult Years - Transcript

Do you find yourself complaining about the state of your life? Or perhaps overhearing complaints from others? Does this usually make you feel better? Sometimes life events are just too catastrophic to reconcile but in the case of many of our irritations it is worth reflecting on the world at large to get ourselves in perspective. Here’s an example:

Adulthood is flooded with information from the news, our education, our family the entertainment we watch and from advertisements that bombard us consciously and unconsciously throughout our daily lives. It can be overwhelming, information overload! It is not surprising that we decide to complain about incidences that occur in our lives that disrupt our flow. We are human, and sometimes we need to vent. I offer this story to you as a way to navigate this stress and re-contextualize it and to brighten your day. 

A friend once told me that when he gets really frustrated with his situation he just thinks – “Well, at least I’m not in the worst place imaginable”. If that doesn’t make him feel better then he will say to himself, “At least I’m not in the worst place imaginable with a toothache, ouch!”. And if that still doesn’t shed light on the situation he goes on to say, “Well, at least I’m not in the worst place imaginable with a toothache and no medical help”. Finally if all is still at a loss he will say, “At least I’m not in the worst place imaginable with a toothache and no medical attention and no money!”. Once he has re-channeled his thoughts into a scenario far worse than the one he is in, he then tells me it is much easier to go and say, “I guess my situation isn’t so bad after all!”. In essence It may help you to re-evaluate the problems that occur in your life and uncover feelings of gratitude towards the situation that you are in.