The Gratitude Experience

The Gratitude Experience™

On Page 5 your Gratitude Journal awaits! Take as long as you need to reflect. 



What we are grateful for always appreciates in value. The purpose of The Gratitude Experience™ is to capture and document all you are grateful to God for in all aspects of your life (people, things, events, experiences, lessons learned, etc.) in order to gain confidence and assurance.


As a result of this course, you will: 




  •  Gain a brighter outlook and be more satisfied in life 




  •  Become a better friend




  •  Sleep better




  •  Maintain better long-term relationships




  •  Gain greater heart health and immune system 




  •  Have a better group morale




  •  Become more resiliant




  •  Invest in deeper friendships




  •  Become kinder, more compassionate, and less self-centered




  •  Increase your work productivity 




  •  Achieve your goals




  •  Be more resilient to hassles 




  •  Diminish depression