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The Gratitude Story - Transcript

This story is used with permission by its writer and owner Jessica Klinger.

Grandiose moments do not weave the fabric of our life. It is in the small, the supposed insignificant, which dictate our structure, our substance, the inherent quality of our experience. Pivotal events give rise to new recognitions, allowing fluidity in how we make our choices. The outcome is never set. It consistently manufactures from the dance of one act affecting another. What we say and do today lays the groundwork for what we may encounter tomorrow.

Lacy’s story is no different. She worked as a legal secretary, a responsible well-identified job. Her relation to loss was similar to most. When her mother passed away last May, she felt a great sadness, a separation. However, it wasn’t until she lost her job, only a month later, when the combined events catapulted her into creating change.

It took the subtle nudging of a few friends from Portland and her exhaustion with years spent in Hawaii to lead her down the path of considering a move. After some research and well prodded employment options, Lacy found herself being offered a position with Adidas, based out of Portland. Having the basic needs of shelter and security met, she took a leap of faith and moved to Oregon with anticipation.

Lacy would look like any typical citizen walking down the street. She never assumed her life would be any different from the ordinary individual. She paid her bills, went to work, and enjoyed the small comforts of having her own apartment.

But life is held in the little things, the tiny serendipity or slighted coincidence. Some favor us and others leave tread marks of growing pains. Whatever their impact, the leftover results sometime span over a multitude of ripple aftereffects, leaving one to ponder how a single event could carry such weight.

This was the case for Lacy. One night while out walking, she was hit by the rear end swerve of a vehicle; leaving her with broken toes, fingers, legs, arms, one foot, and a nose in two places. Having no real support network, Lacy couldn’t turn to anyone when her landlord kicked her out and her position with Adidas was nullified. In the turn of one night, Lacy found herself homeless.

Most of us never even fathom the reality that at any point we may be left without a safety net. It’s hard to consider and yet we face it every day, the underlining belly of security we all depend on. Thankfully, there are programs where people in dire need can find assistance and support. A certain nonprofit in Portland contacted Lacy while in the hospital and immediately set up a housing situation that accommodated her position; which was no longer having the ability to stand, walk, feed herself, or even bandage her own wounds.

Lacy experienced great relief at the hands of this staff. Without the real use of her body, she had her essential groceries bought and cooked for her. Someone always drove her to doctor’s appointments and cleaned her wounds everyday. Lacy continued to comment on how supported she felt and grateful for knowing she could pick up that phone anytime.

Now in her full stages of health, she feels lead to reach out and help others; understanding that an unexpected turn of events can carry long lasting impact, but it’s a gift, a gift with the grace to overcome and live in greater compassion and gratitude.