The Gratitude Experience

The Starting Pointâ„¢

The Starting Point - Transcript

The world may seem a little messed up. Watching the news, feeling frustrated because of the weather, or your bad grade in school, perhaps you got a bad hair cut that day. Well think about it this way. If you are reading this content things are probably looking pretty good for you! You are engaging with the world, you are equipped with tools that provide you with the ability to learn, and the most important part is that you are driving that mouse click by click to move forward. If there is a will, there is a way! As they say. 


Having a perspective in the world can help you to exude gratefulness into your life. Remember all those years ago when your mom or dad told you to eat all the food on your plate because there are people who can’t feed themselves? Think about what you do have, and the value that it brings to the world. Feeling gratitude is empowering, you can make a bad day good with a bit of perspective and shift the paradigm of a particular situation, even if it is hard. 


Recently a childhood friend called me up out of the blue and wanted to share her appreciation of me, and of our friendship. A little while later I found out she had been in a horrible motorcycle accident. She told me she was driving up a windy hill when a bicyclist biking down the hill lost control and glided onto her side of the road and hit her. This resulted in a double front tire, head-on collision which lead to immediate care and hospitalization. I was distraught by the thought of my dear friend coming close to what could have been a life ending experience. While we talked I felt grateful for her friendship, and for the fact that it was not worse than it was. Imagine a car instead of a motorcycle? Or if the accident had occurred in a place medical attention was not available? 


Moments like these however awful they are do bring people together. In the aftermath of my friend recovering from her injuries there was a huge outpour of support from our community of friends. Not only were we reaching out to my friend, but to one another. Sharing gratitude in these situations is essential to building strong networks of friends and a healthy support system for yourself. 


If we can look for the light at the end of the tunnel we can procure great feelings out of almost any bitter situation. Gratitude is your key to happiness, and so use it to shower your loved one’s who will shower you in return.