Scott Ballard

As a dyslexic entrepreneur for 18 years and a coaching client for 3 years, Scott experienced the impact of coaching and the process in his own life and business in the most dramatic, transforming and impactful way.


The Gratitude Experience

Gratitude is the single most powerful tool you have for transforming your life.  How do I start? What do I do?  Well the answer isn't simple.  Gratitude doesn't enter your life in one jolt.  It isn't a switch you can turn on.  It has to be cultivated slowly over time, the seeds you plant right now might not come to fruition for many years.  Don't think of gratitude as an instant solution, think of it as a way of life.  Gratitude isn't a single step, it is the journey of a lifetime.  Along this journey you will have allies and obstacles, you will have successes and failures.  Gratitude means deeper connection to your experiences but it also means learning to view your life with detachment.  To take distance from failure and crisis and experience gratitude for the good in those situations, even if that good is simply that facing adversity makes you stronger.  

Instructor:  Scott Ballard
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